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Sustainable mobility presents a paradigm shift where the convergence between automotive, artificial intelligence and connectivity will lead to an improvement in communication and circulation at a global level, all in line with the fulfillment of the (SDGs) in this framework are the new technologies responsible for the change.

Batteries: Recycling and second life of batteries, generation of renewable energies and green hydrogen as an alternative to reduce emissions.

5G: 5G technology is key to the development of mobility, serving as a tool for connectivity.

Autonomous mobility: We work on the development of autonomous and connected mobility in industrial environments for the transport of goods and tools, ensuring safety in work areas. We integrate technological solutions such as automatic guided vehicle system AGVs, AMRs Autonomous Mobile robot.

Smart Factory: We facilitate the transformation of current factories into highly automated, digitized and connected smart factories, based on the concept of industrial internet of things IIOT, to achieve optimal manufacturing and production processes reducing costs and environmental footprint.

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