Intelligent Part Handling

Fast and automated handling

Intelligent Robotic Manipulators and Robotic Cells

Loading and unloading gantries and robotic cells
Automatic end-of-line warehouses
In-line traceability system
Integration with production and maintenance ERP management systems

Gantry design process for the automotive sector

The gantry consists of two Z axes and two Y axes. Each of them has two grippers for loading and unloading parts. It has a built-in vision system for automatic model detection. It incorporates a system to avoid collisions, thus increasing work safety parameters.

Technical features:

Z axis
– Maximum speed: 1,7 m/s
– Acceleration: 4m/s2
– Travel: 1800mm

Y axis
– Maximum Speed: 2.5 m/s
– Acceleration: 3m/s2
– Travel: 10500mm

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