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What is it?

RECDRIVE is a solution that enables the free movement of your collaborative robot without the use of the Teach Pendant. It facilitates the precise capture of points, as well as manual or automatic trajectory capture on your Universal Robots through a convenient button, enhancing the interaction between the operator and the robot.

RECDRIVE consists of software developed in the URCap environment and lightweight, compact hardware, resulting in faster robot handling and greater ease in making real-time adjustments.

Recdrive te permite el movimiento libre de tu robots sin el uso del teach pendant


  • Compatible with the Universal Robots e-Series range UR3, UR5, UR10, and UR16.
  • Manual and automatic modes allow you to capture points and continuously record trajectories.
  • Easy to install between the robot flange and the gripper. RECDRIVE is equipped with a side button for free movement.
  • Includes the URCap Path Recorder software developed by NUTAI.
  • Lightweight hardware, ensuring no significant added load to the robot arm.
  • RECDRIVE enables easy and flexible release of the robotic arm.
  • M8 connectors ensure a stable connection. Significantly reduces programming time and increases operational efficiency.
  • Robust hardware with compact dimensions (W=85mm, L=85mm, H=46.5mm) and a weight of 212 grams for efficient integration.”

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Other Features


  • Free-motion usage
  • Point capture
  • Trajectory capture
  • Compatibility with any gripper

Benefits of RECDRIVE

  • Eliminating the limitations of the teach pendant, RECDRIVE allows the robot to move according to the manual guidance of the operator.
  • Thanks to its URCap Path Recorder software developed by NUTAI, RECDRIVE enables detailed trajectory capture.
  • Operators can quickly reposition the robot as needed without complications or delays.”

How does it work?

Screw RECDrive onto the flange of the e-Series robot
Install the NUTAI Path Recorder software
Configure the available inputs
Select manual or automatic mode

Manual Mode

1. Select manual mode on the teach pendant.
2. Move the robot arm to the desired position.
3. Double-tap the side button of the RECDrive, and the point will be saved.

Automatic Mode:

1. Select automatic mode on the teach pendant.
2. Move the robotic arm along the desired trajectory while holding down the button.
3. RECDrive will generate a network of points that allows the robot to repeat the trajectory.


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