MAD Controller

Control single or multiple FESTO external axes

What is it?

Multi Axis Drive (MAD) Controller is a URCap software that allows you to control one or multiple external axis drive controllers by FESTO (CMMT-AS/ST & CMMP-AS motor controllers) using your UR robot.

With this software you can move up to 4 axes to defined points easily and code-free, without requiring other external components such as PLC/HMI.

You can control FESTO linear axes – up to 8 m in length (standard product) or 10 m on request – rotary tables, automatic storage systems, conveyors, transfer tables, or a combination of these.


  • Affordable solution for controlling up to 4 axes from a single robot
  • Mechanical hardware with the guarantee of a manufacturer like Festo
  • Control linear axes, rotary tables, automatic storage systems, conveyors, etc.
  • Add a 7th axis to the robot to significantly increase its reach.
  • Configure your points easily, quickly and code-free from URCap
  • Move the axis to points, adjusting the speed and mode of movement.
  • Toolbar from where you can move the axes in manual mode
  • No need for expensive external add-on components like PLC/HMI

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Possible Applications

  • Palletizing
  • Material handling
  • Loading/unloading of machine tools
  • Material removal
  • Quality inspection
  • Dispensing

Technical Requirements

  • Universal Robots e-Series (PolyScope 5.3.0 or higher)
  • Festo motor controller(s) CMMT-AS/ST or CMMP-AS
  • Ethernet connection between robot and motor controller(s)
  • USB device (only required for installation)

How does it work?

Verify the cobot UR you are using
What is the stroke, speed and acceleration of your axis? With this information we will inform you of the required shaft hardware configuration.
Configure the motor controller(s)
Install URCap on your robot and enter your license key
Configure your points and move easily to them from your programs

The safety connections between the motor controller and the robot controller will be connected according to our configuration manual. In this way, any emergency on the robot will stop the axis, as well as being able to stop it immediately via the robot’s safety mushroom. On request, we will do all this for you and send you the equipment already configured.

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