Collaborative palletizer

What is it?

tidyPal is a solution consisting of hardware and software, which allows the automation of the palletizing process.

With the software you can configure the different hardware components of the station such as pallet types, case types, robot I/O, working mode, etc. In addition, with the option to create the automatic mosaic.


  • Collaborative palletizer with UR10e robot and Festo drives
  • Developed using NUTAI’s URCap MAD Controller for vertical axis control
  • Preconfigured pallet sizes (European 1200×800, European medium 800×600, American 1200x1000mm)
  • Up to 10 box/min
  • Case payload up to 10Kg
  • Pallet up to 2.2m palletized
  • User-configurable case sizes via teachpendant interface.
  • Automatic mosaic calculation to optimize the occupied volume.
  • Plug and Produce easy installation and start-up in less than 1 hour.
  • Nutai Gripper (Festo material) included in the price (for boxes min. 125mm side)
  • Self-portable with removable wheel system.


  • To work in mode 4 requires impact analysis (Depends on weight, gripper…). It is included in the price.
  • Optional: additional safety devices can be added (Scanners, bumpers, safety barriers, airskin…)
  • Optional: installation of grippers (suction planes) from other manufacturers Schmalz, joulin…

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Additional Information

Other Features


  • UR10e Robot
  • Electric axis 1000 mm stroke
  • Festo motor controller CMMP-AS
  • URCap MAD Controller software
  • Custom gripper
  • Signaling beacon
  • Rack
  • Control cabinet
  • Teachpendant
  • Connection plate
  • Emergency stop button
  • Pallet presence sensor
  • Safety scanner (optional)

Good practices

  • Before starting a cycle, check that there is no risk of collision.
  • Check the operation of the sensors before starting a cycle.
  • Components should only be handled by qualified technical personnel
  • During a cycle, position the teach pendant in the cabinet.
  • If you replace any component, perform a Home and check its operation
  • Perform proper periodic maintenance of your mechanical components.

How does it work?

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