Automatic systems for energy storage

Automatic systems for energy storage

Characterization of storage systems
Second life of electric vehicle batteries
Automatic assembly and disassembly of batteries
Sensorization, energy data capture and AI analysis

Energy Solutions

NUTAI applies cutting-edge programming and automation technologies for the energy systems of the future, from a sustainable and efficient perspective.

For this purpose, it has two key lines of research and development: the application of Artificial Intelligence for optimization and monitoring of energy assets and the use of collaborative robotics and artificial vision for the integrated management of electric vehicle batteries at the end of their first useful life, including characterization, disassembly and second life.

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Success Cases

Technical Recycling of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Intelligent containerization, digital analysis and robotized treatment of electric vehicle batteries

Integration of agronomic and photovoltaic systems for the smart production of Mediterranean and subtropical crops

Technological Demonstrator Project of a battery pack for electric vehicles