What is

CobotVNC is a URCap software that will allow you to remotely access your UR robot within the same local network through Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

This will allow you to view your robot’s teach pendant from any VNC client device, being able to safely control and program your UR remotely, as well as transfer files.



  • Affordable software-only solution to remotely access your robot via VNC
  • Transfer files bi-directionally between your robot and your computer
  • Fully configure the software by setting your password, port, access level, etc.
  • Advanced safety features such as access confirmation or IP restriction
  • Ability to configure the VNC in full or view-only access mode
  • Ability to start the VNC automatically when restarting the robot
  • Ability to enable/disable the software quickly from the toolbar
  • Software available in multiple languages: Spanish, English and German

Suitable applications

  • Remote programming
  • Remote assistance
  • Remote debugging
  • Remote backup
  • Program deployment
  • Robot training
  • Robot demos

How does it work

  1. Install the URCap and enter your license key
  2. Easily configure the robot VNC server (password, port, file transfer, etc)
  3. Remotely access the robot from any VNC client (PC, tablet or mobile)

For security reasons, when there is a VNC client controlling the robot a warning message is displayed and the teach pendant touchscreen is temporarily disabled.
This only applies to the remote control in no view-only mode, in order to meet the security requirements of a single simultaneous robot control point (ISO 10218).

Technical requirements

  • Universal Robots e-Series / CB-Series
  • PolyScope software 5.3.0 / 3.9.0 or higher
  • Ethernet connection to a local network
  • USB device (only for installation)


User Manual


Promotional video



We are positively surprised

NUTAI's CobotVNC software has positively surprised us. We tested it on a robot that we had on the line and the truth is that it worked perfectly. It allows us to remotely manage the robot and access files without being present [...].

Pablo Gimeno
New Technologies Engineer / Ford Almussafes

Works pretty well

We use CobotVNC for remote programming and controlling an UR5 robot. The UrCap works pretty well and the installation process was easy. [...]

Hendrik Zur

Very useful tool

I find it to be a very useful tool for programming and controlling Universal Robots' collaborative robots. I am using it in the teaching of my robotics subjects, as well as with the students of the Final Degree Project and the Final Master's Project. [...]

Ángel Valera Fernández


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