Machine vision

Nutai designs and integrates vision systems that enable process automation, based on the acquisition, processing and analysis of images This is done all the way, from its inception to installation and final validation of these complex systems.
Usually, these industrial technology facilities include image capture systems, processing and communications with the manufacturing environment, and is programmed in specific environments and / or high-level languages.
This technology is constantly evolving in both data acquisition and processing, arising new devices and solutions every year. We must be at the forefront of these developments in order to always offer the “best solution”.
NUTAI as integrator of these advanced engineering systems, knows the state of the art solutions and applying criteria of technical and economic suitability.

Typical applications in manufacturing environments:

  • OCR Text Recognition / OCV.– Vision System identifies a text and extract its characters recognizing them based on prior training, or compares the results to a string previously supplied.
  • Robot Guidance.– To pick a part by a robot. Provide the robot the part coordinates to be oriented and positioned properly allowing to pick the part.
  • Inspection of defects / control quality.– Systems adaptation to detect cracks, pores, cracks, scratches, dents, or light and / or color, and etc, including all quality issues in the industrial sector.
  • Measurement Systems.– Systems that after a calibration are able to obtain products dimensions or distances between aspects. Normally m, cm, mm and less, aiming current technology to very small dimensions and tolerances to centesimal level for manufacturing processes.
  • Traceability.– It is increasing the need of monitoring a product throughout its life. In pharmacy, food industry, automotive industries among others, product labeling with an indelible code, which then read in an automated system fixed or manual reading is required.
  • 3D.– 3D data acquisition systems are arising in the market, currently there can be found systems based on “laser”, fast “structured light” and “flight time”. Typical applications are related to location of surface defects in 3D, 3D measurement and 3D robot guidance.

Visión artificial