Who we are

NUTAI, Nuevas Técnicas de Automatización Industrial S.L.,  is an engineering company  based in Valencia-Spain. NUTAI was founded in 1995 by Mr. Fernando Torrijos and Mr. Enrique Vacas.

The aim of NUTAI, since its inception, has been the integration of new technologies in the industry. With a clear vocation of service, focused on excellence and customer satisfaction. NUTAI applies a management strategy developed from the Total Quality service concept.

NUTAI has two grand pillars, its customers and the technical and human team of the company. In NUTAI, clients are advised, providing comprehensive and effective services and always adjusted to the particular needs of each company.

This understanding of the company and its specific needs help NUTAI develop new products and services, always at the forefront of technology, together with achieving higher productivity and a fast return on investment. Ultimately, providing state of the art production processes and new developments that derive in a higher profitability for its client companies.

NUTAI works following a customer-oriented philosophy and observing the environment protection.

NUTAI environmental policy guidelines.

NUTAI , as company dedicated to the design and installation of industrial automation systems, is committed to the implementation of the following environmental policy guidelines:

  • NUTAI is committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution both within NUTAI facilities and in our customer facilities.
  • At all times, comply with legal and regulatory  applicable environmental requirements determined by local, regional, national and European administrations.
  • Compliance with requirements that make our customers on environmental matters within the environment as its facilities that would indicate the development of NUTAI activity.
  • Ask our suppliers theirs commitment in the correct environmental actuation.
  • Continuous  improvement of NUTAI actuation regarding environmental policies and the environmental management system implemented in the organisation.