In NUTAI, we are constantly striving for excellence. NUTAI human team is its far most important pillar. Highly qualified professionals and positively valued by our customers, staff is one of our distinctive of quality.

Reasons to work in NUTAI:

– NUTAI has a solid business plan, in continuous expansion process.
– Professional development. Constant challenges arise, with our own “know how”, allowing you to be part of working groups in international and national major Projects. To be able to be at the forefront of technology in the “state of the art” of the industrial world.
– Professional and personal diversity with a wide variety of disciplines and professionals who make them possible.
– Being part of a team, very committed to his work.

We offer you the opportunity to grow professionally in NUTAI, an innovative company at the forefront of the industry, together with the best team of professionals. If you are interested in joining the NUTAI team, please contact us.

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