Energy Efficiency

Within the general context of the plan of action for “Saving Energy and Energy Efficiency Horizon 2020” in Spain, it has been set as a scope an electrical energy waste reduction, for both final and primary energy, following European guidelines.

In NUTAI we understand the importance of this plan of action, and contribute to its achievement both in the field of R + D + i, as in industrial and infrastructural policies.

Among our contributions, there can be highlighted:

  • Conduct a detailed study of the energy consumption of customer premises for its optimization and reducing the ratio of energy consumed per unit produced.
  • Installation of equipment for the event registration, remote reading and conducting comparative reports by historical generation of measurables, through a communications network installed that allows sending data to a centralised system where are analised.
  • This sort of control enables visualization in real time of all the energetic parameters, its energy waste can be obtainded and therefore, the appropriate economic cost calculated.
  • From the extracted conclusions, corrective actions to be executed are determined in order to improve the plant energy efficiency.
  • Obtaining then the “Energy Efficiency Project” certification.