Areas of expertise

NUTAI has been awarded the title of PYME INNOVADORA by the Spanish Government and its Ministry of Economy and Competitivity. The definition of PYME INNOVADORA (INNOVATIVE SME) can be found in the Real Decreto 475/2014, of 13 June, Article 6 and in Recomendación 2003/361/CE de la Comisión, of 6 May, […]


Within the general context of the plan of action for “Saving Energy and Energy Efficiency Horizon 2020” in Spain, it has been set as a scope an electrical energy waste reduction, for both final and primary energy, following European guidelines. In NUTAI we understand the importance of this plan of […]

Energy Efficiency

Visión artificial
Nutai designs and integrates vision systems that enable process automation, based on the acquisition, processing and analysis of images This is done all the way, from its inception to installation and final validation of these complex systems. Usually, these industrial technology facilities include image capture systems, processing and communications with […]

Machine vision

Supervision, as a global view of the Project and the system control allow us, using our experience and technical knowledge, to act and solve those problems that might occur within the industrial production. Supervision and control imply planning, organisation and execution of actions in a constant and dedicated way by […]

Supervision and control

NUTAI offers to its clients “turnkey” projects satisfying specific needs required for each particular application. This service is developed by own staff in every mainstay of the project, aiming for its correct execution. Electric and mechanical engineering Electric and mechanical installation Software programming and development Installation and commissioning Technical training […]

Industrial automation

Considered among the experienced researchers of the Industry as the future in the field, it is one of the “top ten” emergent technologies. In NUTAI we understand Mechatronics as the possibility to integrate current mechanic systems, already known, together with emergent components of the new technologies and a control of […]