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NUTAI has been officially recognized by the Government of Spain and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as INNOVATIVE SME. According to Article 6 of Real Decreto 475/2014, of June 13, on bonuses in Social Security contributions for research personnel is understood as INNOVATIVE SME an SME with intensive activity […]

Innovative SME

In NUTAI, we are constantly striving for excellence. NUTAI human team is its far most important pillar. Highly qualified professionals and positively valued by our customers, staff is one of our distinctive of quality. Reasons to work in NUTAI: – NUTAI has a solid business plan, in continuous expansion process. […]


NUTAI Foundation Description NUTAI Foundation, created by the NUTAI company in early 2015, is been created with the objective of promoting R & D  initiatives in the industrial sector, particularly the lines of action of the entity are centered the Industrial Automation and in all those projects where Energy Efficiency […]

NUTAI Foundation

NUTAI, Nuevas Técnicas de Automatización Industrial S.L.,  is an engineering company  based in Valencia-Spain. NUTAI was founded in 1995 by Mr. Fernando Torrijos and Mr. Enrique Vacas. The aim of NUTAI, since its inception, has been the integration of new technologies in the industry. With a clear vocation of service, […]

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